Saturday, June 26


"#22 See a 3D movie"
Saw Hubble 3D at the IMAX.

Tuesday, June 22

#65 and #92

"#65 Take things to Good Will"

"#92 Watch a foreign film"

I liked it a lot. :)

Monday, June 21


"#74. Get Toby his medicine."
He's scared of the vet. Bless his heart.

Sunday, June 20


"#27. Go to a Mid-singles activity".

Not a social group. I was asked two questions. 1. Do I play the piano? and 2. How old am I? The information from the fireside was interesting. It was about the rebuilding of the Nauvoo Temple. I was wanting to meet people I would have more in common with. Maybe I went to the wrong type of activity?

Saturday, June 19

#12 and #70

#12 "Get a Pedicure" and #70 "get hair done"
Complete... no photo needed. Just know I look better.

Saturday, June 12


"98. take a class"
I started a quilting class today. It's a lot of fun!

Friday, June 11

#9 and #69

"#69. Sing Happy Birthday"
And boy, did I sing!

"#9. read The Hunger Games"
by Suzanne Collins
Finished today.

Tuesday, June 8


"#3. take Toby to watch the bats"

Monday, June 7


#41. see Cat and Michael

Saturday, June 5

#18 and #55

"#18 Make something from scratch"
I made Nutella Cheesecake.

"#55 Bury my feet in the sand"
I went to Galveston with my sisters and niece.

Thursday, June 3

The List of 100.

100 things to do this summer.
(In no certain order.)

1. get a tan
2. go to a drive in movie
3. take Toby to watch the bats
4. run a race
5. sleep in a tent
6. go to the top of Stone Mountain
7. eat a hot dog
8. go for a bike ride
9. read The Hunger Games
10. hike somewhere new
11. DragonCon
12. get a pedicure
13. spit watermelon seeds
14. find the perfect salad dressing
15. tell a joke
16. print some pictures
17. find the big dipper
18. make something from scratch
19. see Wicked
20. read Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
21. give a talk/testimony
22. see a 3D movie
23. ride a ride
24. see the dentist
25. swim with mom and dad
26. fly
27. go to a mid singles activity
28. make a quilt
29. take Erika to a cycle class
30. by a lotto ticket and dream
31. float a river
32. watch a game
33. play a slot machine
34. visit Gretel
35. join a running club
36. dance
37. give a gift
38. visit teach
39. see a concert
40. send a card
41. see Cat and Michael
42. do something scary
43. swim laps
44. see an IMAX
45. eat cotton candy
46. cook over a fire
47. go to a piano bar
48. see a doctor
49. find a new place to live
50. get title taken care of
51. date
52. run at Allan Pkwy
53. buy new jeans
54. make a fruit salad
55. bury my feet in the sand
56. go to a lake
57. swim at night
58. take JoBo for a custard
59. run at Herman Park
60. plan an outing
61. eat the perfect s’more
62. move
63. add more workout music
64. go to Dallas
65. take things to Good Will
66. write a Thank You card
67. get eyes checked
68. meet a new friend
69. sing Happy Birthday
70. get hair done
71. help mom with something
72. plan a trip
73. catch up with an old friend
74. get Toby his medicine
75. play volleyball
76. take a bike ride
77. watch a scary movie
78. eat somewhere different
79. go to the temple
80. buy new work shoes
81. wear blue skirt
82. read the Book of Mormon
83. watch a sun rise
84. see a historical Texas place
85. clap and cheer
86. add a movie to the collection
87. make a new hat (for me)
88. play Rook
89. go to a museum
90. learn a few conversational ASL signs
91. roll down a hill
92. watch a foreign film
93. invite someone new along
94. pick fresh flowers
95. go to a farmer’s market
96. eat Byrd’s breakfast
97. ride along with Edie driving
98. take a class
99. go on a tour
100. get a new wall hanging

Tuesday, June 1


After over two weeks of vacationing in Europe my memory card got damaged. In efforts to get it fixed I lost more days without pictures. So... I made a list of 100 things I want to do this summer. I will document all 100 with a photo. By summer I mean, June 1 to September 15.

Wednesday, April 28

Tuesday, April 27


Before and After.
She got her braces off today.

Monday, April 26


Leaving Target after work. I like not working nights.

Sunday, April 25

Saturday, April 24

Friday, April 23

Thursday, April 22

Wednesday, April 21

Tuesday, April 20

Monday, April 19

Sunday, April 18


Edie's office.

Saturday, April 17


Paula Dean.

Friday, April 16

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